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Google AdWords  for only $69 Monthly.  Have you wanted to advertise using Google AdWords, only to find it is cost prohibitive?, is an online advertising business directory and lifestyle publication.  It offers you the opportunity to increase exposure, county-wide.  And, My Local OC, is a fraction of the cost.  Advertising on My Local OC is like having group-insurance.  This means the more in your group, the more your Google Ad is seen. Multiple-advertisers all putting their advertising dollars together.  This in turn, causes your Google ad to gain force faster than on your own. You run your ad with us, we pay Google. Just that simple, just that smart!

It’s fast and easy to start Google AdWords for only $69 Monthly

Just log into, and click on the Advertise With Us button. Or give us a call.  We will help you over  the phone.  Your Google Ad on My Local OC is a great way to increase your business leads.  And get your marketing off to a quick start. Giving it just the boost that it needs. Keep in mind, like losing weight or building muscle, marketing takes discipline and realistic expectations. Stick with My Local OC, and over time, your online presence and customer base will grow.

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Google AdWords for only $69 Monthly

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